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Re: (TM2) Stunts - News

Sun Oct 01, 2017 12:09 pm


The first alpha version of the Extra.World title is published now. Online playing is possible and the editor is working again :D . Many things are still missing and older maps (ca. 2012/13) are only ruins. Newer maps have problems, because the Pastis51 items were created with textures now missing in the game. Perhaps these items can be reworked. All maps have to be validated again, so password protected maps from departed mappers are out of the game. But we are back :D .

Link to the alpha version: ... 6137500006

1. Copy ExtraWorld(at)spaii.Title.Pack.Gbx inside "Document/ManiaPlanet/Packs"
2. Open ManiaPlanet and click on an empty station
3. Install from disk...
4. Restart Maniaplanet
Remember: You can only enter stunt if you own all 4 envis (Stadium, Canyon, Valley and Lagoon).
First maps from HGL, Spaii, Fixit and me: ... 3-mf8j2s2c

Put the maps into the downloaded-maps-folder of Documents/Maniaplanet/Maps and test them in 'Local Play' after restarting Maniaplanet.
In later versions all maps have to be uploaded to the Extra.World website (will come).

If it's time now to test our Fire TM2 Stunt Server with MP4 and Extra.World is Timmy's choice. At the moment no one is playing on the old MP3 'frozen install' server anymore.
A tutorial how to change MP3 server into MP4 ist written and discussed here: ... 26&t=40920

Because the alpha online modus has actually no controller, cups and and player stats are not possible at the moment.
More infos:




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