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Basics about TM2 Stunt

Sun Nov 08, 2015 4:40 pm

To play on TM2-Stunts you need all enviroments. These are Canyon, Valley and Stadium.
Actually I can find no demo with free access to all 3 enviroments of TM2, so you have to buy
what you need.

Nadeo offers a complete edition here: ... -4093.html
Scrolling down the page you can see the single offers for Canyon, Valley and Stadium.

After installing all enviroments you have to load the free Stunters Titlepack from the ingame
store. Thats all.

The Stunt community is not a very big one (only 17000 registerd stunters:), but a very nice and
personal one. There a some peak times players are on the servers, mostly between 20 and 23
o'clock (MEZ). If you want to see if there are other player online on TM2-Stunt, you can look here:

If you are playing alone on some server, you may have long loading times for the next map. As
soon a second player is connecting and playing, loading time is normal again.

The main servers are: LFT (Short, Lucky, Bigmaps), Race Stunt, Reach Score and the two Fire
Server 'Canyon' and the monthly 'Fire Cup'. A team modus will be integrated by Spaii in the
next update. Don't overlook the Editor in TM2. Its very funny to map with it and very intuitive.

The Fire TM2-Team hopes to see more members joining TM2


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