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(TM2) Stunts - News

Posted: Wed May 24, 2017 9:30 pm
by namoine
Yesterday Lagoon was published on Maniaplanet and it is a great new Envi. It reminds me of the Bay Car and is fantastic for stunting.

With Lagoon we can enter the Stunts Title again. The server don't work in MP4 without the Title update, but the Solo Maps can be tested. The damage of the stunt maps is very different. PF maps are all broken, some maps have missing blocks/items, but i'm optimistic that most of the maps without PF can be repaired. This will take some time after the new Title is published. The old Stunt Title wil be shut down on 2017/06/06. The name of the new Title is Extra.World.

Spaii opened the website for the new Title, so you can see what the roadmap for Stunt is:

More infos at:

Re: (TM2) Stunts - News

Posted: Sat May 27, 2017 3:15 pm
by namoine
I uploaded some old stunt maps, changed the Canyon car to Lagoon. They are only for testing + training the Lagoon car in Stunts. They have graphic flaws and some block faults. Its a basic converting because the actual Stunt editor don't allow mapping, repairing and validating Maps. ... lagoon-mp4 ... lagoon-mp4

Re: (TM2) Stunts - News

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:22 am
by namoine
For those, who have not seen the post about the Maniaplanet3 'Frozen install':

Everyone missing to stunt on the TM2 Stuntmaps can download Maniaplanet 3 from the Maniaplanet Forum.
Simply download the zip (4GB!), unzip it to a folder you want, click on Maniaplanet.exe, log-in and stunt. No installation needed.

- It includes Trackmania Canyon, Stadium and Valley and Shootmania
- it's a self contained install (all the files are kept inside the directory you will unzip, including the UserData files (the files usually in Documents/Maniaplanet")
- It will not update to MP4...
- Solo Maps from MX are not working, because most of the maps have been converted to MP4 now.
- The TM2 Fire Stunt server are working:)

Maniaplanet 3 "frozen install":

Best way to look if other Stunters are playing without starting Maniaplanet3: ... e5-stadium

Re: (TM2) Stunts - News

Posted: Wed Jun 21, 2017 11:44 am
by namoine
The start of the new Title Extra.World is delayed, because there are too many bugs. Extra.World is the platform title, which will include the Stunt Title in the future. The point/chain system in Stunt isn't working properly. We need help from Nadeo, because the reason of this bug is not clear -> hoping for an update of Maniaplanet 4.

In the meantime most of the old Stunt maps have been converted to Maniaplanet 4. Most of the block faults have been solved (wrong or missing blocks). Maps with PF can't be played anymore like expected. The converted MP4 stunt maps can be played on local play in Maniaplanet 4, but scoring is random because of the bug.

More infos at:

Re: (TM2) Stunts - News

Posted: Sun Sep 03, 2017 6:47 pm
by namoine
Some good news this time. Nadeo has published a fix which repaired the broken chain bug. Now we can stunt on TM2 again, but for the moment only on TM2-Stunts/Local Play with the old converted maps from MX.

But the first alpha version of the new Title 'Extra World' - which included Stunts- will be published soon. Spaii will add the new features one by one to have a better control about things which need to be fixed. For this we need feedbacks from the players after the publishing of the title. The best place for this will be at the moment our TM2-Stunts group on facebook:

The only disadvantage of the new title is the absolute necessity to buy the Lagoon envi. Without, Stunts don't work in TM2 :cry:
But the Lagoon car is really great for stunts.